Have Narrow Land? This is a profitable business idea

Don't worry about having narrow land. You can still make business. There are many ideas for utilizing narrow land to become a business field. It can be a livestock business, ornamental plants, to a household business. Access to capital is open, market access is also open, investment sources are there. All that's left is how to build a network so that all access can be explored and produce results.

Our team has summarized 5 (five) ideas for utilizing narrow land at home as a profitable business field. This time, we will discuss livestock business ideas. Just found out, right? If the livestock business can also be on narrow land. What are they? Check out the following reviews.

Catfish Business

The market demand for catfish is very high. Especially if around where you live there are those who sell pecal catfish. You can work with them. You supply catfish to them every day. Cash flowing bro. Catfish farming business can be done in narrow land. Can be in a water barrel made of cement, which is no longer used. Can also make a pond from tarpaulin. The size also doesn't need to be too big. Catfish are very resistant to cramped situations and conditions. The age of raising catfish is also not long. Three to four months can be harvested, with the right size to supply pecal catfish stalls.

Bird Livestock Business

Opportunities for bird farming in narrow land are quite promising. There are several types of birds that can be cultivated, including cockatoos, lovebirds, turtledoves, rock magpies, kace, to parrots. These birds are also often contested because they have cool and melodious songs. Moreover, every year, the number of people who like to take part in singing bird competitions is increasing, so that this type of bird farming business opportunity will never die. With only one cage, you can start a bird farming business. Even in the house you can put the bird cage.

Cricket Livestock Business

With small capital, you can start a cricket livestock business on narrow land. The market opportunity for noisy animal livestock at night is very promising. Crickets can be a source of food for fish and birds. Well, you can work with ornamental fish and bird livestock entrepreneurs in managing the cricket livestock business. The price of crickets on the market is also quite stable, even tends to increase, if there is a lot of demand. You don't need to have hectares of land to start a cricket farming business. It is enough to have several small cages to start this business.

Kroto Livestock Business

Ant eggs or often called kroto are very much in demand, especially people who like birds singing. This is the main food for songbirds kept by bird enthusiasts. The prospect of this Kroto livestock business is quite promising. You also don't need a large area of ​​land to start with. On leftover land, even in your kitchen hallway, you can start this business. How to market it? You can work with sellers of songbird feed. Or you can sell it yourself online using social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, to Twitter.

Ornamental Fish Livestock Business

There are hundreds of types of ornamental fish. Hundreds of types that have quite lucrative business potential. The price offered also makes gawking. Do you need a large area? Not really. For those who really want to do ornamental fish farming, they can take advantage of narrow land. For example, koi fish farming, a type of ornamental fish that is quite popular. Fish that are rich in color are very suitable for cultivation in narrow areas because they do not require a wide pond. Market access is also open. Especially in this era of the industrial revolution 4.0, you can take advantage of digital marketing to market ornamental fish products such as koi.

So, don't be afraid to have narrow land or the rest of the house's land that isn't that wide. Creativity is limitless. You can take advantage of the narrow land for a home business, which if done seriously can bring in rupiah. Come on, let's start.
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